Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 random things about me

25 Random things about Melinda

1. I only listened to Musical Theatre show tunes while growing up. I
had a transistor radio for a very brief period and memorized and sang the
Osmond's "One Bad Apple" and "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog," but other than
that....only show tunes.

2. I won a couple's dance competition, with a guy I didn't even know,
while on a Bear Lake Vacation when I was 12 years old.

3. I got straight A's all through school, except for an 8th grade Home
Economics class (B), an 11th grade Driver's Ed course ( A-) and a
Parliamentary law class during my freshman year in college. ( B+) It's funny how I have no recollection of any of the classes I got A's in, but I know every class I was less than perfect in. Hmmm.

4. I still struggle knowing which is my right hand and which is my
left hand. It's such a mental block now, that, "not knowing it" is totally
ingrained in my brain.

5. I love to try new foods. I'm quite an adventurous eater. This is
interesting, because I was a very PICKY child. I wouldn't put ketchup or
anything on my hamburgers. I wouldn't even dip my fries in ketchup. I
didn't have salad dressing until I was in College.

6. I first met Wayne doing Scenes from Plays in a sophomore Drama
class. We performed Plaza Suite with Joel LaSalle and Marilyn Mills. The
great part was, we competed at the State competition at BYU. Our only set
piece was a bed. We found a rolling, fold up, portable bed. We got quite
the looks rolling it around BYU. We would stop and open it and rest on it ,
then be on our way again. Good times!

7. I was in Summer Stock theatre the 2 summers Wayne was on his
mission. I did 3 shows each summer.

8. I don't like any kind of computer/video/nintento/wii gaming system.
WASTE OF TIME. The only game I even sort of play is computer Freecell.

9. I can fall asleep while riding on the back of a motorcycle.

10. I have never received a speeding ticket

11. I can ride in the back of a car, backwards, and read too. I don't get car sick.

12. I’ve vacationed at Bear Lake every summer for the past 36 years.

13. Entrenched at Bountiful High School. My mother went to Bountiful High. I went to Bountiful High and met Wayne there my Sophomore year. I did my student teaching at Bountiful High. I taught school at Bountiful High School…all of my kids go to Bountiful High School.

14. Enjoy painting my house….love lots of color.

15. DHEA is a lifesaver and keeps my PMS at bay.

16. Lover of Dark Chocolate!

17. Fell in love with Wayne at 16 years old, only one boyfriend ever ( him) …and one kisser (him)!

18. I love Karaoke and singing at the top of my lungs in the car.

19. I’ve sat on the bottom of the ocean with Manta Rays swimming all around me and over my head.

20. I was attacked by Sting Rays while in the Caribbean.

21. I got my tonsils out at 25 years old…so painful.

22. Love PIE!!! 4 kinds……round, whole, hot and cold.

23. Learned to knit when I was 40.

24. Love to go to afternoon movies and eat a bucket of popcorn all by myself.

25. Have done 2 Half Marathons!

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