Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Meal?

I went through McDonald's the other day and drove away with a Happy Meal, that didn’t make me happy.
I wanted a hamburger and came away with a crispy chicken something. It reminded my of another non Happy meal moment.

I was in my van with all of my kids. We ordered our food and drove up to the first window to pay. I paid my money ( too much money for the quality of food) and proceeded to the next window to pick up our food. We pulled up to the window and the guy leaned out with our food. His lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe how awesome McDonald’s was to hire a deaf person. I turned to explain this to my children. How impressed I was—and look you can work at McDonald’s with a disability.
I turned back around to get my food and smashed my face right into my closed window. Between the time I paid my money at the first window and went to get my food at the second window, I had rolled it up, and forgot that I rolled it up.
So there I was in a major face plant on the window….. My nose was hurting. I started laughing. I rolled down the window. The food guy was looking at me with wild eyes, not understanding what was happening. My kids were laughing, embarrassingly. Through my giggles, I was trying to explain to the guy how I thought he was deaf ( I know this makes no sense, and that people who are deaf, are not necessarily dumb) and I was impressed by his working there…I was laughing…and my kids were begging me to just "go…go."
I really couldn’t stop laughing. The only one with a disability that day, was me.
We drove off.
I didn’t check my order, and by the time we thought about the food, and stopped laughing, we had someone's food, not ours.
I wasn’t going back to fix the order.
I only go back in disguise, now, as it is.
OH, Happy Day.......OH, Happy Meals!


Si said...

TOO funny, I missed you this morning. Yes I went all by my lonesome...

Katie said...

I am crying from laughter. That is awesome.

Melanie said...

That story is hilarious! How do you have so many funny stories? Oh I just remembered one of my funny stories, maybe I will blog about it.