Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's coming.....

Valentine's day.
I love this love day.

We had the Valentine's concert at BHS to kick this love week off. It's a fun night with the show choirs and some soloists and duets etc. ... I loved watching Truman sing and fake-flirt with his Chamber partner. This same partner sang a solo-- "Taylor the Latte boy"-- It was very cute. Her boyfriend came on stage and presented her with a dozen roses and a hug. I totally teared up and cried over this. I was weepy.
I am a hopeless romantic.
I am also a hopeful romantic.
This year Wayne and I are off to a stay over at the BYU marriage retreat in Aspen Grove. I'm really looking forward to this. The food should be good, the workshop/lecture should be funny even with a roomful of strangers, and being with my Wayne is always wonderful.
Wayne is a great husband.
He is a snuggle bug in bed. I love having him warm me up when I get in the sheets at night.
He is a wonderful masseuse and very caring.
He really adores me and I send this adoration right back at him.
Wayne has always given me very thoughtful gifts, cards, notes, poems and flowers.
He's given me a treasure chest filled with 100 pennies. On each penny he had a sticker with writing on it. They each had a reason why he loved me. My elbows, my wit and smile-- to name a few. He is a sweetheart. He included the scripture about"Where your treasure is , there is your heart also." and just really made my day.

Wayne knows I love jewelry. He has given me rings or bracelets, earrings or necklaces on all of the major anniversaries, and minor holidays as well. He knows I will wear all of this jewelry too. I wear rings on all of my fingers, except one, every day....I look like a pirate.

Wayne gave me a little cork topped bottle filled with pink sand. In the cork he stuck a pin that had a single grain of sand glued on it. He wrote a poem that talked about our love being as expansive as all of the sand in the sea. It was beautiful.

He wrote a poem that went with a picture of a Lady knighting a Knight. I think it 's a famous painting called , "the Ascension." ( I could be wrong) The poem talked about my children being born to me-- a noble woman-- and I was to raise them up, and they were to look to me as royalty - their "Earthly Queen."
How sweet is that?
I feel a tear coming on.
Okay.... I cry easily.

I am helping Laila with her Valentine's and the obligatory grade school Valentine box. I have fond memories of a robot I made in 5th grade of shiny foil and heart pieces as my Valentine box. Laila's box is foiled, feathered and she is putting foamy conversation hearts all over it. She is totally avoiding the conversation hearts that say "Hugs" or "Kiss me" or "love you" because she "doesn't want the boys in her class to get the wrong idea." I'm getting a kick out of the hearts that say "text me."
Who knew?
She is giving out Barbie or Hannah Montana cards this year.
"The boys will hate them, but they'll like the starbursts."
She has reasoned this entire thing out.

One of my favorite parts about this holiday is my sister Marcie's fabulous dipped-chocolate sugar cookies. MMMM Hint Hint

Ahhhh, Valentine's day.


D2Quilter said...

At least you remember a cute valentine's box. Amanda in 6th grade took an old potty seat and stuck hearts all over it. Let's just say it was the most famous valentine's box! She came home and put it in the basement as was, and every kid used in in 6th grade as their valentine box. CRAZY kids!

Kimberly said...

What a sweetie that husband of yours is!

Does he do seminars? Guest lectures? Is he coming to Canada anytime soon? =P