Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm taking today's cue from some blogger friends. Every Thursday is a day to list life's blessings.
Here Goes:

1. I'm thankful I'm back on stage in a show. It was been a long time for me. I have enjoyed every bit of it. I love the friendships, the laughs, the mistakes, the music, the costumes, the makeup and the long hours. I love how Laila loves that I am in a show. She is so proud of me.

2. I'm thankful for the snow. I don't have to shovel. My boys and my Wayne take care of that. I do have to sit inside and look at it and admire our beautiful world. Laila calls the snow on the trees-- Heavenly Father's Decorations.

3. I'm thankful for computers. I am doing my best to embrace technology and make it a part of my world. I actually love being connected and sharing my thoughts with my blogger friends.

4. I'm thankful the painting in the living room is finally done and it finally looks good. It's amazing what a difference it made to paint out all of my dark wood trim and base boards to a creamy white. Now on to the rest of the house.

5. I'm thankful I have a body to move and exercise with...even though I don't love it, and I'm sore and extremely tired.......

6. I'm thankful for my online teacher job. I get to work from home and be in charge of my own schedule. I"m off to state testing in SLC today....but I get to go with a teacher friend who I love.

Well...that's all I got for today.
I think I'll make Thankful Thursday a new tradition on my blog.

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