Saturday, February 21, 2009

When pigs fly....

A first happened yesterday!
Did anyone notice a crack in the universe?
Did anyone see a pig fly?
was it a cold day in...... "H"?

I actually went to a Movie at the Gateway and DID NOT order a drink or a bucket of popcorn. I was with my Wayne and he even gave me a 20 to go get some.....but I resisted and so did he.
Yeah for Me!
and... I didn't come home after the theatre and pig out on food in my
I know this doesn't seem like a very big deal to most people... but it's huge for me.
Maybe I do have a modicum of self control after all.
Atleast I did on a Friday night in 2009.
It may be one for the record books.


MCC said...

Yeah for you!
I know you can do what ever you set your mind to...even if it is only for a few hours.

Si said...

Resisting popcorn smells! What next? I admire you. Congrats. Really.

Mark and Jill said...

You know what I do. I pop a 100 cal bag on popcorn stick it my purse and off I go to the movie. Never been caught sneaking it in. Been off coke since Jan 1. Yeah for me.

The Bentley Family said...

Good for you! What movie did you see? 'Taken' is a must see!