Friday, February 20, 2009

Welch Weirdness

I started thinking about this family that Wayne and I have created and it's kind of weird. For a Welch, weird is a compliment. "Anyone can be normal," I tell my kids.
This is my first installment to prove my point.

I teach my kids to sign my name. I want them to make sure my signature looks authentic. I don't like signing all of the school papers and miscellaneous stuff that come my way. The boys sign them. It's lovely. We actually have had practice time, ( Family night?) where I give them pointers on how to make my signature look good. Good times. I look at this as an exercise in trust.

We love our Maltese dog. Her name is "Baby Girl." We call her "Baby"-- but mostly, the boys call her "Kitty." She actually meows like a cat. She sleeps on the top of the couch cushion, just like a cat.. stretches like a cat .... and we have trained her to go potty in a litter box--- ( do I need to say it again?) Our Maltese is very Cat-like....

We name our cars...
Currently we have a blue Prius named "Master P"-- I opted for" Miss Peacock" but the boys quickly vetoed that. Even though I kept trying to call her "Miss Peacock", the name that ultimately stuck was "Master P!"

We have our 12 year old blue Dodge truck. It's name is "the Truck"-- not very original. We keep trying for other names like ol' blue.... but nothing takes, just "the Truck".

Addison has a red Toyota Corolla. It's name is "Pam" in honor of the red car that Jim on the TV show , The Office drives. Jim loves Pam hence the car is named Pam.

Landon drives a taupe colored's name is "Honey"....appropriately

We also have a big red Expedition that we named "Gunther." This is the car that sports my UMOZ license plate. Lucky Car!

I'm not really good with knowing types and makes of cars. I know colors of cars and I can differentiate between cars, vans, and trucks, but that's about it.

We don't have bed times in our house. This works okay for the older boys. It doesn't work so well with a 7 year old. Laila can sleep just about any where. She tells everyone her bedtime is 11:00. I just laugh and correct her, "No it's not..." I don't want people to think I'm a "bad " mother, but basically her bedtime is when ours is. Our house is always up and our lights are always on.
It drives Wayne and me a little nuts....especially years ago when we wanted everyone asleep before "you know what." Now we just lock the door and don't care.

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