Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What did I do today?

What have I done today? ( heavy sigh)
I made pancakes , eggs, sausage and bacon with Laila for dinner. I made peach crisp for Addison and Landon for a treat. Oh,.... and I made cookie dough for Monson. Food wise, Truman was the only non demanding child.

I had Laila on my lap for most of this day, she needed lot's of attention. She is sick again and is coughing, wheezing and throwing up. Hopefully we will have a better day tomorrow. She sits on my lap and tells me how much she loves me and kisses my neck, and pets my hair.

My kids have me all figured out.
If any of my boys want money or a favor from me they say, "H ey hottie. " or "Former Super model......" They think they can appeal to my vanity and I'll give them anything......they are mostly correct.
Laila tells me things like, "You are so cute, you don't need makeup." or "Good job at getting rid of your gray hair." or "Your the best mom in the whole wide world."
The last one is usually said when I give in to her demands and cute pouty lip and feed her and her 2 friends mint chip ice cream at 5:30pm -- right before their mothers pick them up for dinner....heee heee.

Mother hood is interesting.
I love being a mother.....I would love if my clothes fit me better while I am being a mother, but being a mom is nice.

Some day all my kids will be gone. I know this.
But on this day....I have kids eating everything in sight, scavenging through the cupboards, kids arguing about who shoveled the most and least amounts of snow today, and a kid rocking my body back and forth and putting necklaces soaked in spit on my face.
Infact, as I try to type this I have Laila wiggling the dining room table my lap top is sitting on asking me if I "can type while on a wavey boat at sea? " Love it.

Okay, I know what I did today. ( Sweet smile)

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