Friday, December 19, 2008

Crying through the Holidays

I knew I was having "one of those Sundays"-- when I started crying while talking to a friend during early morning choir practice. Tears came easily as I described , once again, how amazing it was that Laura even made it home from China. ( 4 fractures in her pelvis, 3 torn ligaments in her hip, torn hamstring and 2 broken toes) It really was a miracle.
The crying continued as we sang the ward choir program. It's not fair when the choir director starts crying during the first few chords of "Were you there?"
I love to sing out of my music and have the words memorized, so I can look at the choir director. But it's not fair to have the director crying-- then I'm choking up.
I look beyond her, to stop my tears, and see my friend Laura sitting in her wheel chair in the back singing along-- now I'm really crying. I have to get it together. I really just want to sit down and give into my tears and sob my heart out....but couldn't...shouldn't.....didn't.
I really felt the spirit.
The ward choir Christmas program is one of the highlights of my Christmas season.
I love music and the spirit it brings.

I'm crying through the holidays-- as usual.
Cried in the boy's Christmas concert.
Cried at Laila's little drama program.
Cried at the Marley and Me preview.
Cried as I listened to the radio and the need for more Sub for Santa this year
Cried as I drove down the hill listening to Christmas music
We have our family Christmas dinner today with me, Wayne, all my kids and my mom and dad. Then we are off to the Welch family Christmas party with all of Wayne's family, featuring gingerbread boy decorating, more eating, and a sweet nativity.
I plan on crying through that now too.

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The Bentley Family said...

I love a good cry. I think it is healthy to cry if not every day at least every other day. Hope you have a lovely family dinner!