Friday, December 5, 2008

China List

China was awesome.
I'm still basking in the fun-ness of it.
Things I learned while in China
1. Take a spare candy bar or package of nuts everywhere you go.
2. Chinese taxi drivers get upset when you try to cram 6 s into a 4 seater.
3. The Great Wall is not just roll-y and easy to walk of it are straight up for a mile.
4. 11 airplane rides in 12 days makes me tired and draggy.
5. Shopping at the Silk Market in Beijing and at the W mall in Shenzhen means having to buy 2 new suitcases to bring it all home in.
6. Chinese money is easy to's like monopoly money
7. Keep toilet paper in your purse at all times
8. Squatters are stinky and make my thighs shake ( so much for exercising)
9. Chinese foot and leg massages are HEAVEN-- 90 minutes for $13.00
10. Keep your valuables close...there are pick-pockets on the subway
11. Chinese food can be VERY HOT AND SPICY
12. If it's weird looking and you eat it anyway, don't ask anyone what it is you just ate.

I loved this trip.... I would do it again...but first I want to go to Peru, and Machu Pichu.


Si said...

I love the reports. What, no suction massages???

Kimberly said...

Goodness, would you just look at the bravery of you!