Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shrinking Grandma

My Grandma is currently the incredible shrinking woman. This once robust ( size 16 ) woman is shrinking before my eyes. I had lunch with her on Friday and came away ....... sad.

I remember her always watching her weight when I was a child and teen ager. She would walk "the loop" around the neighborhood of her house. We felt privileged when we would get the call to go walk with her.
I remember her joining TOPS-- a weight loss group in the 70's. I don't know what it officially stood for, but I always thought it was short for--Tons Of People Starving.

My mom is on the heavy side thanks to menopausal meds and body trauma. She would say she is fat-- I think the chub just makes her skin look awesome. It fills in the creases, so she is very non wrinkly. It's hard to guess her age that's for sure.

My grandma and mom are food pushers. They are only happy, if at the end of a meal-- after everyone has had 2nds or 3rds, there are no leftovers. That means they made enough, and everyone had their fill.
"There's always room for seconds."
" We can't have left overs."
"You need a large piece of cake, you are a growing ."
" If you aren't in pain after eating, have another serving."

When I moan about my weight now, my grandma just scoffs at me.. ..
"Enjoy it, pretty soon you won't even feel like eating. Nothing will sound good and you will just waste away."

I had lunch with Grandma Friday.....I'm not complaining.

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Kimberly said...

I've never thought of my chub as something to be grateful for. Well, except when it's really cold out maybe.


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