Saturday, December 27, 2008

I treadmilled it!

I woke up today with new resolve. I got on my treadmill-- went for 20 minutes and then took some cold medicine...and now I'm sweaty and my head is pounding from congestion....but the good news is I exercised.
Wayne called it my new resolution.
It's really just the continuing saga of my old resolution.

The holidays keep coming.
We took the kids and one friend each to the movies and out to dinner yesterday. It really was fun. We saw Bedtime stories with Adam Sandler...and it was cute. There was something in it for everyone. Then off to Joy Luck for Chinese. I, of course, ate too much theatre popcorn and walnut shrimp....then two Carol Merrill brownies I found on Laura's cupboard. MMMMmmmmm

But today....for the past 3 hours...I have had resolve.

I am so ready to take down my Christmas decorations...and move forward to the next event. Monson's 16th birthday on Monday. Cake and Ice cream and Dinner.....
Then New Years Eve and New Years Day and Wayne's Birthday on Jan. 7th and Truman's 18th birthday on Jan. 21 and Laila's on Jan. 22-- the Eating events just keep coming.

I need more resolve.....

I think I'll stop writing and go do some sit ups.

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D2Quilter said...

We want to go to Bedtime for the holidays too. So it was good to hear that you guys liked it. We saw that it only got 2 stars, so we were kind of worried, but who listens to the reviewers? We have a ton of B-days from Jan 26th to Feb 7 (4 of them) I feel your pain!