Friday, December 26, 2008

Annual Christmas Bloat

I am now suffering from my yearly after Christmas holiday bloat. I've eaten 20 shrimps too many, a dozen cookies too much. Handfuls of Good Junk and Muddy buddies and Rice krispie treats.....I'm on cereal overload.
I've hammed too much ham and stuffed too much stuffing. I've had hot cocoa, and sweet rolls and hot rolls galore. Tried all of the homemade chocolates, and goodies that have arrived at my door. (Hey, that rhymes. I've eaten so much I'm now Dr. Seuss)
Suffice it to say, I'm really good at eating through the holidays.
It's part of the festivities....right next to decorations, and Christmas music.

"IT's the most wonderful time of the year."

We had a great Christmas morning. It began just after 7:30am when Wayne and I jumped out of bed in "heart attack" mode, because we heard a little girl's voice coming from the vicinity of the living room saying, "Yeah, Santa came." It was actually Addison practicing his falsetto. It really did get our hearts started. We thought Laila was in the living room, already opening presents.

We bleary-eyed it through present opening, and then the eating began.
French Toast and bacon, followed by more sweets.
I did throw two oranges into the eating mix yesterday-- although they were only clementines, baby oranges, that don't really count.
"I'm trying to have my fruits every day"-- I tell my self this as I drink my 4th glass of cranberry juice spiked with sprite.

The year is almost at an end.....
In the next few weeks I will get my act together, and go back in time to August when I wondered out loud, "How did I get to weigh 164 pounds...?"
Well I'm back there again, and I'm not really wondering....I acknowledge every tasty morsel that have passed my lips.


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