Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photoshop and Garbage Trucks

I'm thankful for PHOTOSHOP.

We had family pics taken....big 30 people family pictures taken. We had to get it done before my nephew flew off to a mission in New Zealand...and we only had night time. Family pictures are stressful anyway, and don't bring out the best in any of us.... and these were no different.

We tried many ideas of where to set up, and finally decided the stage at the high school would suffice. Well....the bright spotlights, and the black curtain, just didn't make for the best pictures. BUT....photoshop is amazing. We can lighten up hair, darken faces, get rid of wrinkles and big but-t-s...you get the idea.

I could make a billion dollars if I could figure out how to photoshop real life...not just pictures. It's great to live in denial.

I'm thankful for Garbage trucks.

Think about it. You put your crap on the curb and a man drives up and hauls it away for you. Does it get better than that?

Mine comes on Wednesdays.

I'm loving this concept.

The DI sends a truck around too, periodically......If I don't want to wait for them, I just load it in my car and get that beautiful de-junked feeling any time I want-.

Dieting would be so great if it was like this.....just decide, time to get rid of this fat bu tt or that jelly belly , and then a man comes and takes it away in his big noisey truck.

Imagine if we could expand their business to haul away EMOTIONAL crap! Now that would be something.

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