Monday, December 22, 2008

Art for Arts sake

My Addison is an artist!
This is true in every sense of the word.
He is colorful, eccentric, funny, introspective, willing, obsessed, passionate, great story teller, creative, forgetful, get the idea. He gets so involved in his "stuff" that he forgets to eat. It will be the end of the day, and he won't feel good-- and then remember,"Oh, yeah, I haven't eaten ALL DAY. " ( I don't relate)
I tease him that he is sooooo right brained that his head should be mis-shapen. His right side should be huge and his left side all shriveled up.
It really is a miracle that he has made it this far in school -- those math classes are kil ler s for him.

It is so fun to watch him create, and be creative.

Addison loves the theatre and wants to be an actor on stage and screen.
Theatre is his major at school, and he plans on being very successful.
He loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. It gets better and better as he matures.
Musical theatre is his passion. He is currently in Peter Pan at Weber State in Jan/Feb. and then Musical of Musicals at the Grand Theatre in Feb/March.
Addison is great at pencil sketches and drawings. He paints and now has found a new passion...sculpting.
He wandered around Tai Pan Trading with me at Halloween time, and saw all of these little elves and Santas , and knew he could make his own....even better. So he bought some clay and started. He became consumed by it...drawing little pictures, dreaming about nose and ear shapes, staying up to the wee hours of the morning doing his thing.

He finished some elf heads and I gave them away to family for Christmas gifts on Sat. night.
They were all thrilled.
The oohs' and ahhs and sweet laughter made the art all worth it for me.
Just the doing of the Elves , makes it worth it to Addison.
Addison is an Artist.


Jane said...

I love them! Tell Addison that they are great! Make sure you let us know when tickets are available to his productions.

Melanie said...

Those are so cute! What a creative and fun boy you have, well I guess you have lots of fun and creative boys!

The Bentley Family said...

He really made those? They are SO awesome. He really is such a talented kiddo. Then again all of your kids are. You done good!