Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tortoise and the Hare

I have exercised twice this week!
I pulled myself out of my 24 day slump , wriggled into my sports bra, strapped on my sneakers and headed to the dungeon. ( my dark basement)
Two days on the treadmill and I'm feeling pretty good about myself.

I don't know why I get so far off the exercise "wagon" that I can't even find it....but I've repented and I'm BACK!

The tortoise and the hare fable is really appropriate for me.
Remember the fable about the tortoise and the hare? The hare got off to a zippy start and seemed sure to win the race. But he didn't, did he? The tortoise, while naturally much slower than the hare, kept moving steadily towards the finish line and was able to cross first.

I am the frenzied hare.....I jump in with my whole heart, empty my cupboards of guilty pleasure food, and set up diet and exercise charts- knowing I am totally motivated, and the pounds are just going to melt away-- Only to be tripped up and never reach the finish line, because "it's just not fun anymore."

I need to be the tortoise.
(That needs to be my new motto.....)

A great day of exercise followed by a few cookies later shouldn't derail my thin dreams.

Human beings are imperfect.

It's inevitable that I will eventually skip a workout or give in to temptation, and feel like a failure and want to give up entirely — trade the all for the nothing.
I need tortoise thinking....Pace myself.
As long as I don't stray too far from the exercise path, I should reach my goals.
I'm planning on Exercise day #3


D2Quilter said...

I totally know that feeling! I'm the same. But I've decided that instead of reaching for the "thin" dream I'm going for the "healthy" dream. Hopefully the thin comes with that, but now I try to do these things for the health of it and not for the thin of it. I get more motivation and less of a derail when I don't meet up to the perfection of it all!

Kimberly said...

Brilliantly put! I am so, so much the same way, babe.

Maybe I'll brave the wii fit again..., tomorrow...

Si said...

One day in a row for me. WE need warmer weather, so we can walk.