Friday, December 12, 2008

2 types of people

There are people who will eat Chinese food in China and people who opt for McDonald's in China or nothing. I tried to be only in the first group on this latest Beijing excursion....but I had to dip my toe into McDonald's land 3 times-- just to survive. MCDonald's fries have never tasted so good.

While getting the little cancer cut out of my chest this morning, I was watching "What about Bob" for the 100th time....and I was reminded of one of my favorite movie lines, "There are 2 types of people, those who like Neil Diamond and those who don't."

I like to classify people into groups as well. I find it helpful to compartmentalize. .... Mainly things like... people who like dark chocolate and those who don't, people who eat stale DOTS, and those who don't. It's either you do or you don't, you will or you won't. You get the idea.

Here are some more ideas to think about:

People who'll eat food that's fallen on the floor and those that won't

People who love Musical Theatre and those who won't step foot in a theatre

Adults who order off of a kids menu and those who won't

Self home repairers and those who hire it done

People who only take home baked desserts to ward parties, and people who purchase store bought

Old mom's with young kids and Young mom's with young kids

People who eat American cheese and people who only fish with it

People who love vegetables and those who consider ketchup a vegetable

Those who know the Color Code and are enlightened because of it and those who think yellow is the color of the sun, blue is the color of the sky, red is fire and white is peace.

People who can go potty anywhere i.e. squatters in China, and those who need pristine situations and toilet seat covers

Those who volunteer at the Grade school and those who don't

It's interesting to think about this. I like "typing" helps me.
What will or won't you do.....?


Si said...

You are seriously the weirdest person I know. Funny girl. I can tell you who you are talking about in all of your "people" descriptions. I'm glad writing people helps you. :)

Melwel said...

hee hee hee

Melwel said...

hee hee hee