Thursday, December 11, 2008

8 tag

I'm sharing my 8 tag today....if you want to play....go ahead. I'm not good at the normal way of "tagging" in blogging.
Like everything else, I do it my way.

8 favorite "diet" foods
4-diet hot cocoa
5-celery with peanut butter
6- rhubarb pie
7-bread pudding
8- chocolate cheesecake
(I know the last 3 are not diet foods....don't care....I got sick just looking at the first 5 and got off track)

8 TV shows I love to watch
1-The Office
2-Dancing with the Stars
3-American Idol
4-So you think you can Dance
5-30 Rock
6-Extreme Home Makeover
7-Samantha Who
8-Gilmore Girls--- off the air, but watch it in syndication

8 Places I love to eat
1- Mandarin
2- Si's
3- Baja Cantina
4- Texas Road House
5- Zinns Bistro
6- My mom's
7- The Roof
8- Marie Callendar's for dessert only

8 Things that happened yesterday
1-Saw 'Twilight" with girlfriends
3-created Christmas gifts online
4-went to 2 Christmas choir concerts for Truman--- slept through one.
5- did a Washonline school "Millionaire" game.
6-cried with a friend
7-lost Laila and Preston after school
8-watched Wayne de-viruse my big computer

8 Things I look forward to
1- A clean house
2- maid service
3- Christmas morning
4- Vacation with my family
5- World Traveling
6- Eating (I have such an unhealthy relationship with food...)
7- Remodeled Kitchen
8- Being in good shape....i.e. losing last 20 pounds

8 Things I love about WINTER
1- Snow clinging to tree branches
3-no more cracked summer feet
4- sparkly snow on sunny days
5- Fire in the fireplace
6-Hot Bread and Soup
7- No more worrying about watering the flower pots--leaf raking, or yard work
8- Snuggling with my family members and watching movies together

8 Things on my wish list
1- Remodeled Kitchen ( I really want this-- can you tell?)
2- New windows through out my cold house
3- European Vacation
4- Disneyland with Laila
5- Being in a Show
6-Peace with world and with self
7- Machu Pichu , Peru
8- No more dizzy dude!!!


Melanie said...

Poor Wayne only made wish #8! Here is a deal, you get your kitchen remodeled and I will come and cook in it. It is a win/win situation! It will be too many years until I get a remodeled kitchen at my house.

Si said...

Yo- What is up with you and Machu Pichu??? Let's go. Awww. And I'm flattered you like to eat at my restaurant. At least the price is right :)

corrine said...

melinda, 2 things:
1) love your diet food list. esp last 3.
2) maid service = kids??