Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oct. 32nd

I have officially dubbed Nov. 1st-- Oct. 32nd. ( Call Congress and we'll get it on the calendar)
It's the Halloween Hangover day.
It truly is the day after the candy coma and spooky artifacts are still hanging out everywhere. I have 2 moldy , gross, definitely scary pumpkins on my front porch.
We have mounds and buckets and sacks of candy everywhere.
I'm still eating left over doughnuts, promising myself that I start the "diet" tomorrow.
Sounds Spooky !! This doesn't sound like November the month of gratitude at all!

Because of my sugar headache, my kids could probably ask me anything on this day and I would say yes.

"Mom can I take the car and drive it around all day?.."
"Mom, I'm getting my hair dyed blue and shaved into a mohawk."
"Why not."
"Mom can I go hang out with my questionable friends and have a sleep over?"
"Of course."
"Mom, can I have a million dollars?"
"No problem"

I really was in a fog all day long-- I blame it on the grease and the sugar.

A new official holiday has been declared!!!
-- Man, I have a headache.
Looking forward to November ...

1 comment:

So Not Telling You said...

You so have my vote on this one.

I actually missed church because the sugar coma morphed into a room spinning, toilet hugging morning.


Why do we do this to ourselves?

I'm boxing up all the leftover candy and locking it in the garage now.