Sunday, November 16, 2008

Extrinsic Rewards

I fear I've rained on my weight-woed blogger chicka's parade.

She is trying to be extrinsically motivated, by setting the self-bribe of getting a lap top if she loses her final 25 lbs.
It sounds great!
I'm excited for her if it works, but I know from my past experiences that this doesn't work for me.
Oh, I've promised myself all kinds of things; trips, outfits, massages, pedicures. Then I find that I just go on trips, buy outfits, have massages and get pedicures whether I lose weight or not. I even had Wayne bribe me with a kitchen remodel last year if my scale showed 140 pounds by January.
I still don't have a new kitchen.......hmmmm??
Why can't I do it?
I get all excited for about 20 days, then just wear out. Then, I get mad at Wayne for even suggesting a kitchen remodel reward, when it was all my idea in the first place! I tell myself, "I deserve a new kitchen if I weigh 140 or 160!!- Why is Wayne being so rude? Can you believe him?"
Crazy town!
I hope that the reward system works for other people but it usually ends up feeling like a punishment for me.


D2Quilter said...

I totally understand and I've been there too! Somewhere, somehow, it's just a decision one has to make and stick to it. I've been there a couple of times and done it for over a year once. Then one little slip and I'm back to ground zero! Why can't I just not slip! and why does one slip take me back to zero???? That's what I haven't figured out.

So Not Telling You said...

I'm eating candy corn right now. Tell me about it.

And my word validation is obsesse.

Five pounds down though, baby.

Err...probably only four...or the time I finish the candy.

Okay, no, I want the laptop. I will...throw...the...candy...away...