Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Dreadmill

I love walking with my friends, but when winter and cold weather comes, these walks become fewer and farther between.
Even though it's only November, because of the cold weather and my driving Laila to school now, instead of her walking-- my walking outside time is severely limited and I have resorted to using my treadmill in the dungeon, that's my basement.

It's appropriate that the exercise would take place in a dungeon, don't you think?

I can handle the "dreadmill" for about 20 minutes at a time. 20 minutes that feels like an eternity!
20 minutes to channel surf and try to not think that I am walking/running/climbing in place.
20 minutes alone with the constant whirring of the mill---

When I tread the mill I feel like a rat on a wheel. AAARGHH!!

I'm trying to come up with new inspiring ways, to make my stay on the treadmill last longer.

I've tried the TV thing-- it's okay....I'm better if a movie is on that I'm interested in-- but it's still a struggle.

I'm thinking of mixing it up when I watch TV... ..for example,
1. During commercials I will raise the incline and imagine I'm in the mountain, climbing up to Elephant rock, be very dramatic about it....over act the panting and needing water part.
2. When ever the words, : Obama, recession, weather or traffic come up (As I watch the morning news shows)-- I get to jump off of the treadmill and run to the top of my stairs, have a little snack , and then back down.

Break it up a bit.

I may even add some costumes to this routine-- and a song or two.....just a thought.

I know if I do the treadmill....I can eat my cheese at the end, just like a rat!
That's why I do it....I love Cheese!

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Si said...

I'm sending the men in the little white coats over to come and take you to a happy place. Rats, cheese, Obama, treats, you are a nut.