Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Foodie Friend

My foodie friend has a birthday next week, and we went to lunch to celebrate it this week, since I'll be in Asia. ... sounding like a world traveler makes me so happy.

I love this woman-- I have won the friend lottery and she is in the POT.

Reasons why I love SI

She knows her way around a kitchen!!
I love her eccentricities with germs and with food places. Where she will and will not eat is fascinating.
She knows how to do everything just "so." (Except she doesn't sew....interesting?)
She is a huge U of U fan and wears red the entire week before a big home game.
She makes the best dinners. There is always a loud cheer from my boys when Si brings the food, or when we get the occasional invite to her home.
I love her recipe blog-- it inspires and infuriates me all at the same time.
I love how she tells a story.
She has a great memory for details.
She has self control...Si can actually order a decadent tiramisu and only eat a few bites, "because it's too rich" and save the rest for later.
She is a giver-- time, talents and food.
She has amazing patience and grace with her children and with the G-man.
She is spiritual and has a strong testimony of the gospel.- she is my tissue supplier for the "weepy" Sunday meetings.
I love how she dresses--she looks great in Black. (seriously)
She knows how to eat all day long and still stay thin. ( This is a mystery to me.)
Si puts up with my weirdness and even laughs at what I say.

So, while SI is celebrating her "Holy Holidays"-- Thanksgiving and Birthday combined,
I'll take a moment of silence and pray and say "thanks for great friends," then I'll eat something weird in her honor.


Kimi said...

Hear, hear! (It's not "here, here," I looked it up.) I agree with everything you said about Si and couldn't have said it better. Isn't she great?

Si said...

My friends are the BEST. I heart you.

So Not Telling You said...

Amen! Friends like this keep us sane!

Peggy said...


Don't you have email in China? I need a little blog humor. Please log on.