Monday, November 17, 2008

Early Thanksgiving

Our China buds had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday for their families. They didn't want to miss out on Thanksgiving while in China, and have their children all sad-- so they did it early. We did not. Thank goodness I have an extended family that will take care of it for me, while I'm away having fish heads and scorpion on a stick.

(My kids weren't too sad to hear that we wouldn't be here for Thanksgiving because we told them we were going to China over Christmas, which caused a big hallabaloo-- so when we said, "Just joking, we are going over Thanksgiving instead," they didn't complain too much.)

We are having Thanksgiving tonight -- which means leftovers at Belnap's , so I get my Thanksgiving dinner after all, by default.

I love Thanksgiving.
I love the pie part ( of course) and the grateful part and the food part.
In the spirit of the season.....
Here is my SICK OF CHUB THANKFUL list:
1. I'm thankful I don't have to make Thanksgiving dinner-- no 60 pounds of mashed potatoes this year.
2. I'm thankful I've only gained back 3 pounds.....okay 4, but who's counting, since September.
3. I'm thankful I have my Wayne who keeps me on track with my crazy "bribes."
4. I'm thankful for my kitchen. I don't have to cook in it, because it's not remodeled-- and it's not remodeled because I haven't lost my final pounds, and I'm not losing my final pounds because I don't like to cook. Circular reasoning is great!
5. I'm thankful for....legs to walk, and arms to wave and a face that yawns, and a body that moves and choreographs.... and sleeps.
6. I'm thankful for my computer that I can get on and blog to my hearts content.
7. I'm thankful Laila is doing great-- and is almost back to "normal."( this is a relative term-- and none of her relatives are normal.)
8. I'm thankful for my sweet life.
9. I'm thankful for chocolate.
10. I'm thankful.

I'm off to have my left over helpings of turkey and yams. I'll be thinking of you all next Thursday. BE THANKFUL!

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Si said...

I'll miss you at Pie Night. You know, the second stop at a pie night for you. After your Mom's!
:( But you will be enjoying some good rat on a stick or whatever in Shina.