Monday, November 3, 2008

Food is my Frenemy

There is method in my non-cooking madness.

My boys will never say they miss their mother's cooking when they go away to school or on missions. My boys will eat school lunch, and appreciate it. My boys will go to the MTC and actually like the food. They will go on a foreign mission and eat only rice and beans for 2 years, and think it tastes pretty good.

They will never compare their newlywed bride's cooking to their mothers either.
You are welcome, future daughter's in law.

I'm doing a service for them and to their future.

I'm for well rounded boys who are just happy to have food in front of them.

I do make some food really well. Monson loves my Chocolate chip cookie dough, not the cookies, just the dough. And Laila has bragged to many friends about her mother's melted cheese "x" bread. (it's microwaved melted cheese, that is cut into an x-shape before served. I know all the tricks.)
I could write a cook book with all my secret recipes. Okay, maybe a flier with all my secret recipes...maybe a post-it?

You get the idea.

I know I used to like cooking.
In High School I subscribed to Bon Apetite, and would fall asleep at nights reading recipes.
I was in a recipe club once when I was first married-- for family style recipes. I really just wanted to get together with friends and chat and eat something besides Ramen noodles.
I never made anything great... I thought the ingredients were too expensive.

Now I view food as my enemy. Not good. Well more like a "frenemy"-- I love it and ha -te it at the same time.
I need to embrace it and have it be my friend, then I can move forward. I need to start a new relationship with food.
I'm going to get better at this.
Resolution: I will buy ingredients and I will cook and I will like it and I will have food be my friend instead of my enemy!!! ( How's that for a run on sentence?)

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Katie said...

You are hilarious. I dont cook either.