Monday, November 10, 2008

Hair Color Diet

I got my hair colored today!
Shout Hallelujah!
As part of my new diet to appreciate myself.....I got colored....and not a moment too soon.
I was really going gray. I didn't look too badly in the house, at night, without too many lights on....but outside in the day, I was gray, gray gray!
Laila kept pointing it out to me.
"Mom, let me see.....yep it's gray." She would hold my head and stare at my hair line as if reading a crystal ball.
(One more step to feeling better about myself.)
It's amazing how the little things in life thrill me......and the big things too, don't get me wrong.
I love getting my hair done. I love feeling pampered and having my head rubbed.
My bro- in-law Gary has been doing my hair for over 20 years. I love him.
He is a great philosopher and hair-guy.
He had a salon once where he did hair and Marcie did nails and all was well.....except not exactly what they wanted to be doing. He got hired away by some big hair companies to be in charge or product development and marketing. Now he travels all over the globe-- Europe etc...and shows color techniques and works on marketing strategies for people in Poland and Germany and such. It's amazing.
I'm lucky though, he still does my hair.
I have to be flexible....I wait around long enough for him to be in town and then get on his very busy schedule . It's worth it to me though. I get colored and my ills get "cured."
Being a hair dresser actually runs in my family. My Bro in law, my Uncle, my Aunt, many neices and even my Grandpa are all Hair dressers.
My Grandpa Butters had a salon from the 30's in Green River Wyoming to the 40's,50's.60's.and 70's with a Salon in downtown SLC-- across from Temple Square.
It was always a treat to go into Grandpa's hair salon as a little and get my hair done.
Grandpa was a "feel good" person--always building me up. I loved him so much. I miss him.
Even on this rainy day, with my sick daughter home from school, my work undone and dishes in the sink, I'm feeling pretty good about myself......thinking about the kindness of my Bro- in- law and my Grandpa.
I'm looking pretty good too.


So Not Telling You said...

No pictures?!

That's my problem. It's not lack of self-control...I feel crummy because my hair has gotten moppish.

I'm booking an appointment right now, you brilliant woman, you.

Si said...

I love that you write on this every day. You make my day. love you,