Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cheers for Veggies

Life is good!
Life is sweet!
I'm going to eat veggies
before I eat treats!!

(A New Cheer I've been trying out.)

I'm trying to find new ways to get my veggies.

I actually like veggies-- I just don't like preparing them. I like most veggies- even squash, but like my problem with fruit....I want my veggies to taste the same every time I eat them. I want my peas to always taste like peas and my carrots to be sweet not woody and always taste like what I want a carrot to taste like. "Eehhh...what's up with that doc?"
I have a love affair with salads-- I will order a salad everytime we go out to eat, and really enjoy it. I actually enjoy the salad toppings the most : cheese, croutons, bacon,fruit, craisens, nuts, yummy dressing, and if I have to eat some lettuce with my toppings, that's okay by me.
I was feeling bad about not having enough veggies, so I tried the Greens to Go drink from's great if you like the taste of silage or cold pea soup.
So I guess it's not that great.
Now I've decided to get my vegetables the old fashioned way--V8 juice. I drink one every morning and feel pretty dang good about myself.

My motto concerning vegetables: Eat up-- then I can treat up!!


So Not Telling You said...

You rock, girl. Really.

D2Quilter said...

I make a green drink in the blender. It has tons of spinach in it, OJ, peaches and mangos. It's great and I feel great when I drink it. Green is GOOD!