Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sugar Coma

We had doughnuts coming out of our ears and other orifices last night.
My mom went Doughnut crazy.
My kitchen was a haze of grease, flying flour and a powdered sugar cloud.

Besides the 100's of doughnuts made, we also served Chili, White Chili and Potato Cheese Soup-- with rolls -of course- (don't want to stop with the dough theme.)
We fed the extended family, neighbors, random trick or treaters, and a boat load of high school kids who showed up after the foot ball game. ( we lost)

We easily had about 100 eaters here last night. WOW!
I ate my fare share-- 10-- I was doing my part.
We sent doughnut plates home with family members and still have 18 doughnuts staring at me temptingly this morning. (I'll admit I'm eating one as I write.)

When the doughnut eating stopped, we turned the left over dough into 2 big pans of rolls, cooked off and frozen and ready to eat on Sunday.

Mom is definitely dubbed " Queen of the Dough."

Now I'm on a complete sugar high. Doughnuts are like cra - ck- co- caine for me.

IF I add up the 10 doughnuts, the 2 bowls of chili-- no roll--( I was being good), the random candy bars I threw in my mouth as the night progressed, plus the end of the "hospital treats" that I ate during the afternoon as I was cleaning my kitchen--- I easily gained 10 pounds.
A new world record for one day of eating....
Good job Melinda! You can dub me..."Queen of no control!"
I have a sugar coma.... I need to go lie down.

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Si said...

Nice. I could have come to YOUR house for soup! I LOVE donuts too.