Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sun worshiper

Went to the Dermatologist today to have a hard crusty mole on my chest and a weird wart something on the side of my nose checked out-- taken off to be exact. Both appear to be skin cancer--- what? Skin Cancer. That cancer word conjures up all sorts of scary images.
The Doc said it was good I came in when I did. Biopsies will tell us more. Stay out of the sun.

I love the sun.
I'm not a sun worshiper-- but I love the sun.
I'm not a lay-in-the-sun-with-baby-oil- on-my-body-holding-a-piece-of-tin-foil-gal -- but I love the sun.
I love to be warm.
I love getting into a stifling hot car.
Summer is my favorite time of year.
My birthday is in July.
I love closing my eyes and turning to the sun and letting it warm my eye lids . (I love the orangey colors it produces in my head.)
I love swimming and being around a swimming pool.
I love weeks spent outside in Bear Lake and Lake Powell.
I love Beach vacations and Cruises.
I think you are probably getting how much I love the sun......
So just thinking about the "staying out of the sun" directive by my Doc., is kil-ling me.

It's so interesting how past choices affect current situations.
Past sun choices make it so I have parts of my body cut out.
Past food choices make it so I have parts of my body chub out.

The sun isn't all bad-- being in the sun in moderation and sun screen will help out a lot.
Food isn't all bad either-- eating in moderation and not having food be my dr- ug of choice will help a lot, too.

The choice is up to me.


Brian and Shanna Bentley said...

I concur! I love the summer!!

The Bentley Family said...

I couldn't agree more. I just feel healthier when the sun is shining on me. I'm pretty sure I am some kind of part human/part amphibian mix. I'm pretty sure I would have seasonal affective if I couldn't see the sun for more than a day.

Si said...

I thought you were taking MONSON today...how did I miss that?? Now do you have a big SCAB on your nose. Yuck.

Melanie said...

Oh great this is going to happen to me one day. I love love love the sun, but I don't even have to tell YOU that because we are the same!

So Not Telling You said...

Yeurgh. Oh honey...ouchie! ~hugs~