Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PERKS to Walking

I love to go on walks, vigorous or not, with my friends in the mornings.
I love the chat that goes along with the walk-- it's like therapy with legs. We have solved the world's problems, diagnosed illnesses, cried over our families, debated candidates, given movie reviews, planned vacations , discussed last night's dinner and what is happening with our day to day lives.

I try to walk in good weather and in bad. I want to do this outside with my peeps, because it's better than being on the dreaded treadmill alone--- or the "dreadmill" as my friend calls it.

One time, while, I mean, walking quickly-trying to keep our hearts rate up and pumping our arms- on the Boulevard with the ladies, my 22 year old son drove by with his window down , honked his horn and called out, "Hey Hotties." We laughed and shrugged it off. But it did put a smile on all of our faces.
We have heard other honks and "cat calls" while on our walks in the past, but we didn't think they were for us.
NOW we take every honk we can get!
We accept the Hottie honk, the Hottie whistle and really any random noise we take as a "Hottie" appreciation.
Tree limb breaks-- that was a Hottie break!
Car skids around the corner....that was a Hottie skid!
Car door slams....Hottie slam!
You get the idea.
This new Hottie option builds us up and helps us feel better about dragging our pa-tooties up and down the road.
Quite the perk!


The Bentley Family said...

I think your a Hottie Melinda! Your rock!

Katie said...

Melinda! Anytime I am Bountiful I am for sure going to do the hottie honk on the blvd or anytime I drive past your house.

So Not Telling You said...

I can't tell you where I'm whistling FROM of course, but I am so sending you a wolf whistle across the miles.