Thursday, November 6, 2008

Person in Oven

I don't know if you can read the sign that appears on my oven lately, but it reads,
"Person in OVEN--Don't OPEN!!"
The first time I saw this note, I laughed.
What is a person doing in my oven?
Then I realized it's because Addison is baking his clay faces in the oven and if we open the door before they are done, they will c r -ack.

There is an analogy in here somewhere, somehow....I don't know if I can make the leap, but I'll try.

I'm half baked....I need to stay in my "oven" longer , that's why I'm so cracked.
The oven is the challenges-the heat of this life...."the actual hotness of battle."
When the heat is on, do I give my all? OR I just bask in the warmness and don't do 'nuthin?
I've tried all the actual ways to lose weight( for a few weeks at a time) , but seem to bask more in doing nothing, or eating everything, than in giving my all.

So for The month of November---I'm going to give it my all!
I'm up to the challenge of another diet.
I'm going on the "love my body" diet.
I'm going to stand in front of the mirror every day, clothed or ...which ever is easiest, and tell myself how awesome I am.
I'm going to love myself into submission.
Take over the parent role for this body of mine...protect it, feed it, make sure it gets enough sleep and water. I'm going to make sure that no one makes fun of it ( me) or talks bad about it,
( me again). I'm going to give it treats like pedicures, and hair color and hot-tub baths and trips.

During this season of gratefulness and thanksgiving , I'm going to embrace myself and rejoice.

I've tried all the other diets...maybe this one will work.

Who wants to join me in the oven?....hey there's a person in here!


Brian and Shanna Bentley said...

Hey, I'll join you on this one!

Si said...

YES! A diet I can follow with you. Specially the mani and pedi part. Have missed walking this week. Next week. Im back with you.