Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3 things that are working for me

3 things that are working for me.....
1.  Green Smoothies.  It's almost been a year since we started on our green smoothie quest. I have used my Blendtec over 1600 blends--that's about 800 smoothies.  We try to have a quart every morning filled with spinach, kale, broccoli, flax seed, apple, orange, pineapple and strawberries....and some plant based protein powder.  Yummy.  I actually really like them and miss our greens when it doesn't happen.    We are also trying to eat clean.  No processed  food, no sugar or white flour.  It's hard, but worth it.  The added benefit is we have all lost weight.   Wayne has lost 28 pounds, I have lost 24 pounds and Landon 20+ pounds.  I really am a salt, sugar and fat addict.  This has been a huge step for me and some times it feels like a roller coaster...but I know it's worth it.

2.  Exercise.  I go to the gym with Si atleast 4 days a week, and then with Wayne on Saturday. It's great to move and be warm....but it's better to be outside.  I love biking and walking on the blvd.  much more than in the gym, that's for sure.  Yeah for the beautiful weather.

3. No Soda.  I went off of all soda last April.  It's almost  been one year.  I haven't really missed it, just now and then when I think about Mexican food. I'm glad I took this step.  I was drinking atleast 54oz. of Diet Coke a day!   Like I said, I have an addictive personality.  I just do.  So it was all or nothing.  Going off soda is a healthy choice and one that's reinforced when I read all of the bad things soda does to the body.

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