Friday, March 8, 2013

Funny flashback Friday

Laila has said some cute things lately.  She told us that one day a boy is going to come and she is going to get married and then she is going to dance and then  kiss.  And it's ok, "cuz I can't be a baby forever.  I'm gonna grow up."

She was really sad when I told her we had to kill the snails because they were eating our flowers.  She cried, "that is so sad."

She loves Brother Cash ( her nursery singing leader) and actually called him on the phone to tell him so.  He was thrilled.
Three year olds.....Preston and Laila at Bear Lake

Laila, all summer long, was asking everyone, "What you want for Christmas?"  It was quite funny that she was thinking of this so early.  It took a lot of people off guard, especially the ones that would call on the phone and she would answer, and then she would ask them, "What you want for Christmas?"

The other night, Laila and I had a --you are using too much toothpaste-- fight. It went on for a long time and she wouldn't back down.  But boy, she was so mad at me.  So..... at family prayer time she always has to be called on.  She raises her hand and everything--"Let Laila Say it, Let Laila."  She said the prayer.  "Bless mom to be nice to me.  We are all God's children and we need to love each other...Amen."  It was funny, sweet and amazing.

3/8/2013  .......and now for  a Winning Mother Moment.....
The other night, Laila asked me what a diaphragm was?  I took a deep breath and launched into birth control devices with gusto.  After all, she has 5th grade maturation coming up and all things female reproduction related have been on my mind.  My little girl is growing up.
As I explained, her eyes got bigger and then her face looked really confused.  She interrupted me....."Harry got hit in the diaphragm?   In my Harry Potter book it says, Harry got hit in the diaphragm."
"Oh," I said.  "That's right......there are two types of diaphragms."   The birth control device and the one used for  breathing which is down in your gut.  That's the one she needed explained.
She rolled her eyes at me and we laughed.
I don't think she's going to invite me to her 5th grade maturation now.


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I love your winning mother moment! LOL!!!

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