Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter is Awesome. 
I know that my Redeemer lives.  What comfort this sweet sentence gives. He lives.  He lives who once was dead.  He lives my ever living head.  

Easter festivities took over this week. 
We colored eggs, read the story of Jesus,  found baskets, and candy, did the annual Welch egg hunt and roll..or should I say throw, new Easter dresses, had a wonderful Easter Sunday with a few choir numbers and then Easter dinner at Mom's. 
 I love Spring time and I'm so grateful for the atonement and resurrection of my LORD!  

We woke Tru up early to join in the basket and egg finding fun with Laila.

Tru throws some eggs for Holly
Wayne and Holly at the Egg throwing hill
Welch cousins are in the house.... Blaine, Tru, Stockton, Holly, Hunter, Shelby
Gave, Bridgers, Nash, Carson, Alex, Andrew, Andrew, Savannah, Laila. Abby, Kylie holding Annalee, Sophia and Hailey.
Landon came with Alex and his cute kids Andrew and Sophia.  They joined in the crazy fun.

Melinda with Sophia counting the eggs and candy...and Me with Laila showing off our new Easter dressess

In other news:   Wayne and I went to a Sushi making class....we learned how to make sticky rice, how to prepare the veggies and the meat to assemble the rolls...then how to roll them, decorate them, and eat them.  Delicious! It was fun to do something different for date night.

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Erin Blake said...

ok you guys are looking skinny!