Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny Flashback Friday

Laila likes to make up her own songs and speak in tongues.  Many times we don't know what she is saying.  For prayer one night she went on for about a minute in gibberish.  Finally Dad said, "In English, please," which made us all start laughing and the prayer came to a halt.

We drove past the WX city nativity scene and Laila exclaimed, "Hey, there's God."

She is still so cuddly and happy most of the time.  She loves to play with her cousins, even the big ones.
Laila was wonderding why cousin Lindsey is always at Gramma Welch's.  She finally figured out that Gramma is Lindsey's Gramma too.  "So why do you have so many sleep overs?"  "You are a sister, you need to come to my house and sleep."

Laila asked Aunt Cyrrena if she could "be my #3 mom?"  She decided she already has 2 mom's and it's working out, so she needs a third one.  She also figured out that she is like Jesus.  "Jesus has 2 dads and I have 2 moms. Same, same."  She is sooo smart.  She is always swaying random, spiritual things.

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