Friday, March 15, 2013

Flashback Friday

Laila had her Cinderella pics taken this week.  She is a big momma's girl.

Laila is back in pullups at night and is once again sleeping through..which means I am sleeping through the night again too.  YEAH!
She has gotten to know Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Lyle a bit better because of grandma Welch's operation on her shoulder.  This has been a blessing for them.  She goes there in the morning and they eat sugar waffles together and then she gets dressed and they take her to preschool. So it's been fun.  She loves to play hide and seek with Grandpa Lyle.  She only hides and he only seeks.  Then they laugh.
She is a real monkey, she can climb on and up anything.  Sunday at family circle time, we hear a scream  coming from Grandma Sheri's garage.   We run in there and Laila has climbed all of the way to the top of the garage door and is hanging on by her finger tips, screaming, because now she is stuck.

Laila's best girl friend is Heather Kofford.  Laila calls her "Heaver."  We try to get her to say it correctly.  We say, " stick your tongue out and say th."  She does, then pulls it back in really fast and says, "v".  It's so funny to watch her.  She really, seriously tries though.  Sometimes Heather can't understand what Laila is saying, so she tells us, "Laila is speaking Spanish."

Laila likes to call her hair, " Circle Hair," not curly hair.  She is much more accurate with her words.  She doesn't now why she is so lucky!  The only problem  is she wants to brush her hair and it's almost impossible to do this once it is dry.

I told Laila she had a "cute butt" one day as she was running in to the bath tub.  She stopped and replied, "Sanks mom.  You have a beautiful bum too."

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