Friday, March 29, 2013

Funny Flashback Friday

Laila is still full of wit and wisdom.  As I'm taking her up to bed this week, she informs me that, "God wants us to smile."  Then she tells Wayne, out of the blue, "We went to the temple so I could be in your family."  She is intuitive and spiritual.  Her prayers are great.  She says them very loud.  They kind of sound protestant.  God wants us to do this and that.  It's funny.  We laugh--and then of course she gets mad--"I'm cute, not funny."

Last night, even after reminding her how to pray and say what we are thankful for then ask for blessings, at family prayer time she said, "Heavenly Father, we love God, and we are God's children.  Addison is supposed to be in an airplane but he's in Louisiana so we don't want to lose him.  We love each other in our family and we don't want to be lost. Amen."  What was that?  We had tears rolling down our faces from laughing.    So back to the prayer lessons again.

Laila asked for "pickles for my eyes."  I was confused.  "You know,  pickles so I can sleep like on tv."  She meant cucumbers.....

She woke up this morning by hollering, "cock a doodle doo" really loud.

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