Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy 30th Anniversary

I can't believe I've been married for 30 years. 
  The time has flown by and crawled by all at once.
Marriage is fun and hard and wonderful and one of the best decisions I have ever made.
 It helps that I chose Wayne.  
We have lost weight together, been in shows together, bought cars and houses together, worked out together, argued and made up together, vacationed together, gained weight together, took up hobbies together, had babies together,  raised children together, prayed together and loved together.

30 Things I LOVE about my no particular order....
1.  He is Handsome....easy on the eyes
2.  He is spiritual
3.  He supports my in my theatre hobby and other artsy stuff I do
4.  He loves his mother
5.  He is so sweet to his sister Holly, even when he teases her
6.  He is a caring, loving, tender, accepting father
7.  He strives to be healthy ....takes care of himself
8.  He loves to cuddle
9.  He helps keep me on the straight and narrow
10.  He gives his all to his church callings
11.  He is interested in others and serves others willingly
12.  He likes to bike.....motor and road
13.  He tells a great story
14.  He is a lifter
15.  He is knowledgable about a lot of smart
16.  He loves to travel with me
17.  He "gets" me
18.  He loved me first
19.  He was my first kiss
20. He is still my boyfriend
21. He brings me flowers just because
22.  He is a hard worker
23.  He makes my dreams come true
24.  He is the perfect height
25.  He magnifies his priesthood
26.  He loves his family and MY family
27.  He doesn't complain....even with his dizzy
28.  He loves to read
29.  He loves good music 
30.  He makes me laugh

I'm glad I picked a good one.  
Happy Anniversay!

Addison created this for us in celebration of our 30th Anniversary!
...and this is the sweetest note from Holly....

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