Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tubing Soldier Hollow

We  had a great time at Soldier Hollow.  This is our 4th year of doing this, and I told Wayne, I hope to be doing this with our grandkids some day, when I'm old and gray!!!
We all took a friend this year.  I took Wayne...of course.   Landon took Karina Gillette, Laila took Kinsley Jensen, and Truman took Emily Hill.  We totally missed Monson, Addison and Bre.....
It was warm this year.  The snow hill was kind of slow to begin with, but as the hours went by, it got faster and faster.  So much fun and so beautiful.
We laugh every time as we remember our first experience tubing at Soldier Hollow.  This was Addison and Bre's first date.  We made a tube-train to go down the slide.  I was holding on to Bre's tube and as we got to the bottom, I let go of it and she went sliding into the fence.  Not a good first impression of her future mother in law.  Good thing she didn't get hurt, and loved Addison enough to keep dating him.

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Lauren said...

Yes! I was at that first time, and we ate at that awesome restaurant that T says is gone now.. I've been craving their Monte Cristo sandwich ever since.