Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lost contact

I lost my contact  and couldn’t find it.  I was standing in my bed room touching my eye....and I didn’t feel it come out, but it did.  It’s a hard lens so I  knew it must be on the ground or even on our bed.  
Losing a contact is different than losing your keys, or a book or credit card.  Those items you really have to think about the last time your saw it or used it. You have to look everywhere.  A contact is really in about a three foot radius from your eye. 
The trouble with losing a contact though,  is you can’t really see to find it.  I tiptoed to the bath room and took out my other lens and put my glasses on.  We got a flash light and began systematically looking through the shag carpet.  
NO luck.  
We searched over the bed and white coverlet, under the bed, in the dirty laundry bins.  Laila helped us search.  She reminded me to pray.  I was hesitant because it was just a lost contact that we could easily find in this small space.    I was on my knees, anyway, so I said a prayer.  I just knew the contact couldn’t have gone far.  
We kept searching.  
I took off my clothes and searched through them.  We checked through all of the shoes.  More looking through the carpet fibers.  It was so frustrating.  It just disappeared.  We broadened our search to the bathroom and other parts of the bedroom and looked  some more. 
 An hour had gone by. 
I kept wanting to call it quits, but once I said that prayer, I felt like I just had to keep looking.  
Wayne and Laila searched too.  
No luck.   
Well…. I was done… I walked to my side of the bed and just flipped back the corner of the white coverlet on our bedspread, more in resignation, than in actual looking, and there it was…
...all shiny and safe.  
My contact. 
I said a prayer of thanksgiving and put on my contact. 
 I was blind but now I see!  
So why did I have to lose my contact when I had much better things to do with over an hour of my day? 
 I have been thinking about some lessons learned and re-learned--

Prayer always helps, even if it takes Laila’s reminder for it to happen.  But once the  prayer was said I felt like I couldn’t stop.  I had to sincerely do my part for the Lord to do his.  The Lord comforted me and kept me from ranting and raving and turning into my natural state as we searched.  I just peacefully kept looking.

It helps to be looking together.  I was grateful that Wayne was just as invested in finding this contact as I was.  He never deserted me or gave up, which made me not give up.  We are on this earth to help and lift each other.

Life’s little irritations can get us  down…but oh what joy was felt when the contact was found.  It really was so exciting.   
I only found it after "all I could do" then the Lord stepped in and gave me the reward. ( Just like the scriptures say...)

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