Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lagoon-that's what fun is?

This is mine and Laila's Lagoon summer.
My friend/cohort in crime - Annett convinced me/pulled my arm behind my back - to buy two season passes this summer. Laila and I share in this sweaty, amusement park activity with Annett and her son Max. She said I would like it better if I took Lagoon a few hours at a time, instead of one 13 hour- this- is -costing- me- an- arm- and- a- leg- and- we- will- eek-every-minute -of- fun-out-of it - day.
We'll see.
We have been three times already...the pass is paid for...so now it's just fun.
Lagoon is what fun is, after all.

Last week, on our way out to Lagoon, Annett and I stopped for 32 oz of diet coke, so we could make it through our bonding with the kids day. I buckled on my fanny pack - an amusement park necessity as far as I'm concerned...and an attractive fashion accessory, and placed my big glass of DC in the drink holder in the fanny pack.

Our first ride was the Spider.
I had never been on the Spider before and didn't really know what to expect.
As I sat in my spider seat, I thought, "hmmmm? Maybe I should hand this cup to the attendant of the ride. " That thought quickly left my mind, as the 16 year old checked my bar, but didn't seem to care that I was taking a drink on this ride.
"I'm sure it will be fine," I thought. "After all, it has a lid on it."
We started up the first hill...my body slid to the side of the car...the cup squished...the lid popped open and soda was pouring down my backside into my seat. I was shocked and grabbed the cup out of the holder. Immediately the ride began to get wild...and with one hand bobbling my DC-- and the other holding on for dear life, it was like riding a bucking bronco.
This is a jerky,wild mouse type of ride, but with twists and turns.
Sometimes you are riding backwards, sometimes front. It just spins and slides and goes up and down hills.
Pop was flying.
The lid and straw went one way.... my body and arm the other.
Pop was splashing on my face...down the front of my shirt. Everyone with in any proximity of my spider car was getting soda flung on them.
Laila was laughing hysterically.
I had pop everywhere. Completely down one side of my body...front and back.
I got off the Spider soaking wet , holding my almost empty cup of soda like a trophy......really! I took my last, little, prized swig and threw the cup away.
Try dumping a 32 oz cup on your head and body and see how much liquid that truly is.
I looked as if I had just come off of Rattle Snake Rapids. (a real water ride)
I had to laugh.
A stranger even stopped and asked me if "the Spider is a water ride?"
I still don't know if I like this ride or not.
I was so concentrated on not spilling my DC...that I missed the fun part.

I'll go back for more punishment next week...Lagoona Beach. I'll be sitting around in a swimming suit with hundreds of strangers. That's what fun is!!!?
THANKS Annett!


erin noelle said...

uh Melinda? You honestly thought--I wonder if I should hand the attendant my super sticky large drink of soda before getting on the Spider?

S'all I'm gonna say...

Melanie said...

Hilarious both hearing it in person and reading about it. Only Melinda would do something like this.....

Si said...

This is funny stuff. I agree with Mel. Even funnier in person. Thanks for the laugh, cry. You are an idiot. And I love you.

Kimi said...

I'm waking my kids up with my raucous laughter! Holy cow!

First of all, the visual of you wearing a fanny pack large enough to have a DRINK HOLDER was enough to start me off whisper-laughing.

And then the more I read, the louder I got until Andie had to come out and see what the heck!

One note of comfort: At least when YOU are walking around Lagoon with wet pants, it is from either water or Diet Coke. I cannot always say the same.

You are TOO FUN-NEE! Thanks for sharing. :-)