Thursday, June 4, 2009


Another Laila story!

Laila has watched me make lists and check off lists for so long, that now, she has started doing it.
She makes lists for what to buy at the store. They are little-girl printed with check off boxes to the side of each item. She puts what she thinks is needed in our home.
mouth wash
ice cream
silly string
When she hands me the list, she gives me a hug and checks off the box. She loves taking the list to the store and checking off items as we go along.

Laila is also writing up a weekly calendar and putting it on her new magnetic board in her room. The other day she brought home a cup with grass growing in it from school.
Her Tuesday list shows the following:
9-12:30 work
water grass
cut grass
look at grass
read books about grass

She is one BUSY girl, and the cup of grass is very well taken care of.

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Melanie said...

So cute! Jacob has started to add things to my grocery list, like a DOG.