Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

"May laughter fill your home, relieve your stress, and strengthen your friendships. Do not let a day go by without laughing; it is good for your health."
~Catherine Pulsifer, from Seven Gifts To Give To A Friend

1.  I'm thankful for rain?  I haven't had to turn on my sprinklers, but I have had to remember to water my dying pots.  I'm trying to laugh through, yet again....a rainy day.  We have had a Lagoona Beach day planned all week....and now this!?  We are going to Lagoon, anyway,  to ride some rides, get some germs, and  grow a head know the routine.

2.  I'm thankful for ginger cream cookies.   I made some yesterday to get me out of  my funk.  These are a Grandma Butters  family recipe.  It's a soft, frosted gingerbread kids LOVE THEM!  I took one up to grandma for her dinner/dessert and she raved about them.  

3.  I'm thankful my Wayne made it home from Alaska safe and not too fish-smelly.    He brought me a freezer full of fish. Too much for us to eat; we'll have to share with friends and family. He didn't shave while he was gone.  He came home a mountain was cute, or should I say gruff.... I like it!  

4.  I'm thankful for Laila prayers.   She is so sweet.  I want to share some of her last night prayer.    She asked Heavenly Father to "bless everyone in the whole wide world even the people that do bad stuff.... and bless my brother Landon that he will get the money that he needs and not have so many hard knocks."     Laila is at that stage where her ears just tune into every  inappropriate conversation that is going on around her; then she asks me what does that mean, or this mean, or what are they talking about?  Laila is especially worried about what she hears on the news-- or what her brothers talk about.  I have to be more aware and change the channel--stop the brothers.  I have started to tell her that life is rated PG 13-- and I need to protect my sweet 7 year old.   It really is different having a child in an adult household.

5.  I'm thankful

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