Friday, June 5, 2009

Tru Graduates

My "T" is the boy on the top-left with the bushy hair and infectious smile and laugh.

Truman graduates from BHS, TONIGHT.
Where did the time go?
Just yesterday he was a sweet, crazy, talkative little he's a sweet, crazy, talkative big boy!
He has had a great time in high school, and especially his Senior year. Three of my boys have been Student Body Officer's at BHS.....but Truman has loved it the most!!
He has been totally involved and service oriented. He has enjoyed all of the choirs and musicals.
He supports everything, is excited about sports, dances and assemblies, and is always volunteering for the next "big" thing......all for the sake of his beloved school.

I was going through Tru's "permanent record" that he just brought home. It's fun to look back and see what his grade school teachers had to say about him. "Creative, intelligent, responsible, organized, fun, too much talking."

I could have told them all of these same things.

I have never had to beg, cajole or make Tru go to school.... he has always wanted to.
I have never worried about him being in the wrong group of friends... he has great girl and boy friends.
I have never worried about him having "nothing" to do on the weekend... his schedule is filled with "crazy" things to do.
I have never worried that he would graduate from Seminary...okay I did a little bit, but he pulled through.

I get to be a chaperon at the All Night Party after graduation. I love doing this. It's good to see my boy and his friends and feel of their joy and love for each other and their shared school experience.

I told Tru if he loved High School , he will love College even more. It's all in an attitude.

I keep having the words to a song I made up for T, when he was just born, run through my head. I sang it to him over and over again as a lullaby.
He hasn't heard it much since.

"Truman Truman Truman ... I love you
Truman Truman Truman... yes I do
Heaven sent you down from above,
to come into our world and love.
Truman Truman Truman ...You're my guy
Truman Truman Truman ...don't know why...
I'm so lucky to have you
You are strong, and handsome and TRUE.."

Now on to real life. The real world. The world not peppered with dances and games and activities just for Tru. The world filled with some difficulty, work and responsibility.
I know T can handle it with the same creativity, fun and optimism he has already shown.

The Welchs are movin forward.......

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Melanie said...

Awww that made me cry. I love Tru and his smiling face!