Monday, June 22, 2009

50 Years

We are celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary this month. It was official on the 9th, but we partied on the 20th.
We partied like it was .... 1959!
50 years...that's a really long time to be together, especially in this day and age.
I have been frantically gathering pictures and putting together a memory book of the last 50 years to present to them. I had my parents write a few things down for what happened during each of the 50 years. It's so interesting. It all comes down to jobs, church callings, vacations, babies born, weddings...basically, it all comes down to FAMILY. That's what makes a life.

Try this same exercise and you will see...that's what you write down.

It was awesome to be all together and inspiring to see my parent's love for each other. They really are equally yoked...and when one yings the other yangs.
She is the cream in his cocoa.
He is the cherry in her pie....
You get the idea.

I feel blessed to live so close to them and to be so involved in their lives. My kids love it too. My parents are wonderful supporters of grandkid shows, activities, sports name it...they attend it.
My two older boys definitely think they are my mom's favorite grandchild-- they love to talk and do art projects. My younger two boys believe they are my dad's favorite--interested in sports and funny stories. (Laila knows she is everyone's favorite.) I love that they think this. It shows that my parents are interested and concerned about their grandkid's lives.
They deliver hugs and kisses when we show up at their home and 3 kisses when we leave...this stands for

We sat around at the Anniversary dinner and did an exercise with the letters in my parents names. Here's some of what we came up with.
L : loves the Lord
Y: youthful, or yodeler
L: likes naps
E : example of goodness

S: Stunning beauty
H: humorous...loves to laugh (Liz actually voted for Horny on this one, afterall, they had 5 kids.)
E: eating....loves to is love... a great cook
R: righteous ...sprititual
I: inclusive...everyone is invited and everyone is loved

I'm always honored to say "I'm Lyle and Sheri's daughter." Only good things and sweet comments come from this declaration.
"Oh your mom is so talented, so beautiful, so giving"...or...."you have the nicest dad, he lifts everyone."
It's awesome to be so close to this "greatness."

I hope to be with my Wayne for 50 years and beyond.....
It does feel sometimes, as if I married my dad. Before you think..."oooh...gross"... what I mean is, Wayne is peaceful, and nice and spiritual...just like my dad.

My parents are a great example of enduring love.....
Old love definitely is beautiful!

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Lisa said...

Awwww! Congrats to your parents! they are so cute!

- Lisa