Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lagoon a Beach

Review of Lagoon a Beach or as I now  call it  
So many bodies...too little suits.

This was my first experience at Lagoon a Beach.  Actually,   I think I went one time when Tru and Mons were little guys...but either I blanked it out because it was such a wonderful experience, or I have "over 40" amnesia......but this felt like my first time.  It reminded me of a hymn....."I stand all amazed!"

I am constantly surprised at anyone wearing a teeny little string bikini out in public...I'm even more shocked by the weird body shapes and sizes that wear bikinis.  Don't they have a mirror? Don't they know people are looking at them?   I spotted disaster after disaster.   So many "befores"  and so few "afters."

So many tattooed bodies.  I really don't see the allure in this body painting.....permanently.  I saw tramp stamp after tramp stamp.  Big bellies and shoulders filled with ink.  My friend Annett assured me that on Sunday it's  even worse!

I stood in long lines holding my tube in the hot sun for a little thrill on a short water slide.

I wandered around trying to stake out a spot for the day...and found chair after chair holding only a towel or a shoe ..... no people.  Those towels were getting star treatment, while I almost had  to settle for sitting on the concrete.  

I did enjoy my large Diet Coke...and being with Laila and her cousins and my friends.  This small group was great.  I sat hour after hour and had to forget about all of the things I "should" be doing and I had to remind myself  that this was (quality)  time with  my Laila.

I have bought into the Lagoon Experience this season......I will go and learn to enjoy.  Today, I only tolerate Lagoon...but Laila LOVES IT!!!

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