Tuesday, June 9, 2009

random ramblings


The All Night Party at Bountiful High for the graduates is such a good thing. I'm always amazed at all of the fun things that are planned, and all of the food. It was awesome to be chaperoning til 4 in the morning. When I left, the party was still going strong. I couldn't believe it. The activities were great-- Sound system and a DJ, blow up slides and obstacle course, tramp basketball, board games, video games, give aways, a money grab booth, love sacs, massages, manicures, hair cuts, a climbing wall......WOW-- so much to do. So much food to eat.
There was Chipotle, Costa Vida, Chiles, Marie Callendar Pies, Pizza, a Chocolate fountain, baked goods, candy, snow cones, ice cream, popcorn, hamburgers and hot dogs, then at 5 the breakfast food was brought out...bagels and doughnuts, and muffins and juice, oh my....sooooo much food was left over. It really is an embarrassment in abundance.
It's great to have a place for all of the seniors to gather and be together and enjoy their shared school memories.


Laila is gone with a neighbor family to Bear Lake til Thursday. It's so weird not having little sis around. Usually when I'm not here, she's not here. But I'm here...and it's really odd. I slept in til 9 and didn't have her yell, "MOM!" at the top of her lungs, at 7:30 am., or snuggle in bed with me.


Summer is here and so is RAIN....we have had a ton of rain in June.... My hopes to swim every day this week, are slowly fading. Even with all the rain, I 've managed to kill one of my flower pots already.....dry, dry, dry.


What are my boys going to do to make money this summer? I have some ideas with dump runs for people and car detailing. We are brainstorming today.


I love reading missionary letters. I have some nephews, cousins, and friends out right now that I get to read their shared letter each week. LOVE IT. I feel of the spirit and the hardship and the growth and I'm amazed. I'm really looking forward to Truman going on a mission next spring.

My kitchen sink faucet is cracked and water is running down and ruining/rotting all under the sink. I just found it. NOT HAPPY. Wayne said, " you know what this means?"....before he gave his "time to get a new faucet" answer, I jumped in with , "yep, time to get a new kitchen!"
I guess it's just a faucet for now.
I can dream can't I?

Well that's what's rattling around in my brain this Tuesday.


The Bentley Family and Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

Hey you had me and lost me at chocolate fountain!

Si said...

please rotate that picture, its my favorite.

Melwel said...

i have tried numerous times to rotate it ....it's normal every where else, but when I bring it into my blog it's turned...I don't know why...I'll keep trying to fix the pic