Thursday, June 11, 2009


1. I'm thankful my scale was the same this week on Wednesday weigh-in , as it was last week. Atleast it wasn't higher.

2. I'm thankful my sis-in-law Wendi and husband, Bret and kids are all here from Washington State. It's so great to have the little cousins together playing and laughing and planning sleepovers. We miss having this wonderful family around.

3. I'm thankful my neice, Nicole got married yesterday. It was a tender, teary, rainy day for all involved. Nicole is such a pure spirit. She would never say or even think a bad word, or a bad thought about any body. She is an angel. She desperately wanted a garden reception-- so last night, during a heavy one hour rain storm she was determined to be happy and cordial and not let the pouring rain dampen her spirits. The large yard canopies and umbrellas helped, but it was still a muddy mess.

4. I'm thankful for my dog groomer and my clean, silky puppy who's sitting on my lap licking me as I type.

5. I'm thankful for my friend Annett who generously took Laila with her family on a little vacation to Bear Lake. She is a glutton for punishment-- and spent too many rainy days in the condo with 2 - seven year olds, going crazy.

6. I'm thankful for my bro-in-law Clark and his slip of the tongue. We were talking about security measures being taken for different ways to get into the Temple. Clark meant to say "Retinal scanners" and it came out "rectal scanners." I'm still chuckling at the visual-- man, it was a good laugh for all involved.

7. I'm thankful for my Addison. He has given me some good chuckles this week as well. He had an infected cyst in a "private spot" that required going to a clinic in West Yellowstone. A female clinician looked at it, then a heavy duty antibiotic was prescribed for the infection. Later, this same girl came and watched him in FOOTLOOSE, and cheered for him and told him how great he was! -- He was so embarrassed. His exact quote. "She had a pre-show before the show!"

8. I'm thankful that my friend Bob has sink particular faucet know how. He got my new faucet in quickly and with out any muttering under his breath or swearing.....I was impressed.

9. I'm thankful.

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