Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer time

All right...another Summer weekend over and I can't believe we have July 4th coming up.  How come summer "time" moves so quickly and winter "time" takes forever?

Ou weekend was awesome!!!
  We ( Landon, Monson, Laila, Wayne, Grandma Welch, G-ma Sheri, G-pa Lyle, the Wangsgaard family  and I)  had a great time in Yellowstone with Addison.  We saw two of his three shows...and it was so great to see him be the romantic leading man with a New York accent, the nerdy Principal and the Marlboro cowboy all within 24 hours.   
We went into Yellowstone in search of Bears...saw none.  We did see a lot of Buffalo/Bison though.... but if Wayne happens to show you a picture on his phone of a Bear- it's just one he down loaded off of the internet, not one that he actually took in the park.  He was trying to trick Just Linda. 
We waited for Old Faith-a-lot--- and were not disappointed in that natural phenomeon.  We hiked down to the lower falls to see the amazing rainbows.  We bought cowboy hats and jackets and ate a lot of FOOD!  It was a quick trip... 3 days, but one I hope my kids remember with fondness.  The grandparents told many old stories about their lives, and it was so great to have us all together.

We are still doing Grandpa's Boot camp three days a week.... It's working out well.  Now if I would just stop going to my Mess tent, aka kitchen, and eating like a soldier all day long.... I would be doing better weight wise.  

Truman had a riot in Cali with 7 of his friends this past week. He fell asleep on the beach and got totally fire engine red burned on his belly.  Tru is so brown he  actually looks like Laila's brother fer reals.  
 I asked him if he did anything "stupid" while on this trip and he said , "No."  Then as stories unfold I hear about them "catching fish with their bare hands and throwing them on Kimball because he hates fish."  I find out about them "boogey boarding at 2 in the morning.  It was awesome and so dark you couldn't even tell if a wave was coming until it hit you. "  I hear about going into "the Exit lines on all of the rides at Six Flags,  and being  able to do the whole park in only  8 hours"   He also decides to "drive home all night from 10pm on Saturday in Cali to our home in Utah-- and I wasn't even very tired til we hit Provo"....   
All of these things I later inform Tru fall under the category of "stupid."  Obviously what he thinks is stupid and what I think is stupid are two different things.    I am just glad he returned safe and sound...and Master P-- did great as well.   

Now...on to another will be FUN and much too Fast!


Linda Lou said...

Hey our car saw a bear:)
Just Linda

Si said...

Jelllystone is the best!

Melanie said...

Let's see, I told him to have fun and be safe. Definitely did the fun part and I would agree with you on the not so safe or smart ideas! Glad you guys had fun in Yellowstone!

Minako said...

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Hi... just happen to cross your site... I see that you also love Disney... me too...

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