Saturday, June 13, 2009


Running away to a matinee movie today with my Laila, was CRAZY!

What's that saying..." the best laid plans of mice and men.....?"

We, Heather, Laila and I, left plenty early for our 1:45 date with Landon  to see the movie, "Up."
I had to drop by the bank problem.  It will just take a few minutes.
I noticed 5th south was packed with cars, so after the bank I headed to 4th north hoping to avoid the traffic.  I soon found out why 5th was packed....4th is closed.  A large U turn, and I was back  in the 5th south mess.  After waiting through two lights, and moving forward only  a few yards, I ditched the line, and went down through a shopping center parking lot.  I tried to get back into the "getting on the freeway line"  No luck.  I went down to West Bountiful, flipped a u-ey and got on the freeway coming from the west instead.  This whole escapade had eaten up 15 minutes.  Now, I'm on the freeway and much to my cones, and lane closures.  
Summer in Utah = road work and road closures!

10 extra minutes.

We crawled at a snails pace to 600 North in SLC...and finally I was able to hit the gas and go as fast as prudently possible..."seatbelts everyone"... to the freeway exit.  We waited through more red lights, and finally pulled into the gateway parking with only 7 minutes before movie time. 
I'm starting to stress. 
I love previews, and we still had to pick up tickets, buy treats and PARK.
No parking spots.....
Everyone was having the same run -away -to -the -movie idea as me.
We parked in the basement and waited for the elevator.  Finally gave up on that idea after about 30 seconds.  We raced for the escalator.  Escalator 1 and 2 worked great.  Escalator 3 was broken.  We hiked up the stairs quickly.  Too quickly.  I caught my sandal and went down hard.  I sliced open my big toe...blood is starting to show....but I have a movie to, "I'm it's just a little scratch" I bravely tell Laila.
Tickets purchased.
Tickets for the wrong show came out of the machine...
I had to wait in a line now and explain about the wrong tickets and the tickets I wanted..blah, blah..
2 minutes left.
Popcorn and drinks ordered..
I look down at my foot-- I have blood streaming out of my sandal and on to the floor.  Gasp.  I know if I really take the time to look at it, I won't be going to the movie anytime soon...what's 2 hours of blood-letting  anyway?
  I shove napkins under my toe and hobble into the theatre just as the first preview is showing...  I put my foot up on the seat  in front of me and try not to look at the blood soaked, wad of napkins.  
I love a "relaxing" afternoon  movie.

Now for my movie review....
UP--  is sweet and sad and funny and did I say sweet?  I loved the look of the animation.  The story was great.  I cried, and cried and laughed and cried and laughed some more. I loved it.  I want to see it again, without a bleeding toe.
Hey,   Maybe that's why I was crying?

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