Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 23

I just got back from visiting Addison up in Yellowstone. It was so fun to be there for his 23rd birthday. The 10 hours of driving was definitely worth it!
We (Laila and I) showed up with shredded roast beef, that I had slow cooked all night, rolls, salad and birthday cake. For kids living on top ramen and cold cereal, I was a HIT! They think I totally cook! They asked me to be their house mother...and make food every night, yeah right. Addison had to burst their bubble.
It was so great to get hugs and kisses and just be with my boy.
Add is doing well. His "mansion" is definitely weird. Lots of little rooms, few bathrooms, and a commerical kitchen...all for 16 people. He sleeps out in the open-- in a main traffic area. It's crazy.
We got the grand tour, made Addison open his presents, then checked into our hotel.

After lunch we spent the day in Yellowstone National park. We saw buffalo, a coyote, chipmunks, interesting geyser's and hot pots. We made it to "Old Faithful"-- or as Laila liked to call it "Old Faith-a-lot"....just in time to see it go off. It was fun to have my oldest and youngest laughing together all day. Laila made books for Addison's birthday and gave him a card that read:
"You are such a good fried and a bother." She left out a few letters....she meant Friend and a Brother. Hee Hee.

I got a hotel room with a pool so all of the theatre kids could come and swim. They don't get much time off, and swimming is all they can think about. It was fun to watch everyone play in the pool together, including Laila. Laila also loved jumping back and forth on the hotel beds and being in charge of the electronic key card. It doesn't take much to entertain her.

On Monday, we spent the day at Addison's rehearsal for "Guys and Dolls." It opens this Saturday... Everything in Summer stock has to happen so quickly. Everyone has to be memorized quickly. The show gets put together in less than two weeks and it's up and running.
Addison is playing Sky Masterson...the romantic lead. It's good for him, and it's difficult, because he can't rely on his schtik to get him through.
I'm excited to take the grandparents back the end of June and watch this play, and "Footloose." Plus, for the preshow Addison is doing "Craig and Peg" the three legged man routine Wayne taught to him. Addison says, the audience loves it.... How could they not?
Addison is having a great time being in three shows and singing and dancing every day and night. When you are a theatre geek, It doesn't get better than that.

I loved my two seasons of Summer stock.
Addison is loving his!


MCC said...

That is some hat.
What happened,he only has 4 fingers on his lefthand?
Your trip sounded fun.

Melwel said...

His hand does look kind of wanky-- two are right together, covering each other....crazy.

Brian and Shanna said...

I am so excited to go see Addison in Guys and Dolls! I think that would be awesome to be able to do something you love everyday! Good for him!

Mark and Jill said...

What a fun trip! Sounds like Addison is loving his time up there.