Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grandpa Camp

My dad is so great!!!
He takes his job as patriarch of our family seriously.
He is worried about his grandkids. He's worried about them not being able to find summer jobs. He's worried about them sleeping their day away. He's worried that they don't have any fun money to spend with their friends on movies and such. He's worried about their health and fitness. He's worried about mental health issues too, like depression.
He's worried......
He's doing something about this worry.
He had a "vision" and came up with a "save my family" plan. He has all of the grandkids who don't have jobs coming to his home three days a week and working out at Grandpa's bootcamp. We ( I help them) do weights and exercises and then walk/run around the track. We go for about an hour and a half. Dad pays the grandkids for getting to this Boot camp on time, working out hard and not whining.
He's so cute.
The kids were thrilled with this deal.
They love their grandpa and they love $.
This is a family summer activity for the memory books, that's for sure.


Melanie said...

What a great idea! Fun for all of you.

Linda Lou said...

Your dad is awesome:)

Kimi said...

Is he, by any chance, worried about his grandkids' friends? Just wonderin'.

Si said...

I love your Dad. word verification : momwafl. weird.